Since I was a child I dreamed of traveling and knowing different cultures, I remember telling my classmates that when I finished high school my parents would send me to the United States to study English but let me tell you a secret, it was a lie, thaaaat’s fine! that sounds bad, rather, I dreamed about it.

Over the years, I was increasingly aware that the project of opening myself to new directions was increasingly difficult.

I successfully completed my degree as a lawyer, I began to practice my profession, that consumed my social life and I felt that my youth lost colors, that my dreams were just that, dreams.

In 2017, I decided to wake up from the dream and start to figure out how to turn them into real goals, that’s when I found this program as an au pair. Quickly, in 2018 I met my requirements and matched one of the best host families that can exist. On July 1 I got on my plane with the strange feeling of leaving my family and a life behind a desk, to start building my goals. Then, I arrived in Tampa, for a week my world turned into different colors, on the one hand, a wonderful landscape, climate and an excellent team of au pair experts who received us, on the other, the concern that the first Cultural shock regarding the language, it was hard! Sometimes I thought why I am here? What will I do now? Then, the Expert advisers gave me encouragement, in the same way my host family told me that it would not be a problem, keep calm and be happy.

That was how on July 9, 2018, I finally arrived in Pittsburgh PA, a wonderful city with incredible people and that is how I started my life as an au pair in an American German family home.

In this way, I started my courses, I enjoyed the summer, I fell in love with a European boy (now we are only friends), I fell in love again (no, this time not a boy), I fell in love with the colors of autumn, the wonders of nature with each change of season, I traveled with my host family to Chicago and Atlanta, picked apples, pumpkins, went partying, celebrated Thanksgiving, St. Nicholas and finally, for the first time, I saw the snow fall on my face It was such a wonderful day! All good! “I thought back then,” until the news came that we would move to Boston area. Again, I left a small part of my life in Pittsburgh, my friends, my routines, my follies. MA here I go!

We arrived in Boston and had to spend a little crazy moments for everyone, who taught me to adapt to different situations, a new accent, new customs and, above all, to find myself alone again, without friends.

I’m sorry guys, I know I talk a lot … don’t worry, I’m almost done … My life in Boston.

I think that becoming an au pair in the United States has been one of the most difficult decisions of my life, however, the best. I will never regret this experience, I can say that today my English has improved a lot, that I can already watch movies without subtitles, read a book, talk to people, although I am still working on that (you can imagine guys, pronunciation makes us be ashamed). Also, I took a little vacation in Europe, oh, what a great trip it was!. I have also been able to attend conferences and workshops at Harvard, I am completing a micro master in Human Rights, I already have new friends, I learned to be self-sufficient, manage my free time and make the most of my independence, organize my life projects and goals to follow, value the culture of respect, freedoms and tolerance, and even how to be a mother in the future.

I am very grateful with each people who have contributed to the realization of my projects, thanks to Expert Au pair for always supporting us in our processes. Finally I can say that dreams come true.



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