I am Hirazumi Torres Konishi, I am 25 years old. I studied Business Administration in Hospitality, I am Mexican and I am from Rioverde S.L.P. Mexico. I want to share you my experience working as an au pair in United States of America.

I come from a traditional Mexican family, my father, Ramon runs his own business, and I am helping with it. My Mom is working with him also. I have two brothers; they study the university in San Luis Potosi.
I decided to take a sabbatical year, with the intention of clearing my mind to find out what I was going to do, because I had just finished my major. A friend of mine was related with the “au pair” program and suggested to apply for it. Furthermore, she knew there was a family In Pittsburgh who needed some help. I became interested in applying for the “au pair” program. It was an opportunity to go to United States of America, meet people, improve my english but mainly learn about the American culture.

First I had an interview with the Grandfather of the host mom. He told me what the requirements were for the position. Also, he gave me the skype name and cellphone of the host mom and I called her to arrange a meeting. Since the first moment, I knew I could help them and I would be in a safe place. Definitely, they were nice; I met her daughter, who was later my host kid.

Once I met her, I told my parents to find out about their opinion. They thought it would be a good experience. I must mention, I used to be a shy girl, really close to my family. That was why my parents considered, it was an opportunity to learn from others, practice my English, absorb another culture and try to develop my personality.
I do not regret it, because I must acknowledge it was a great experience. They were a wonderful and caring family, so nice, I was with them for a year and a half and I am very thankful because they considered me like part of their family. They were so considerate, when I started the program, they just had a daughter, but my host mom was pregnant of her second girl. At the very beginning, I was a little scared because everything was new and different. There was a moment a brief one, I thought, I was not prepared for taking care of a little girl and a baby one too. It was an immense responsible for me.

I must say it was a great experience, I became more self-confident and mature. I really like the family and the girls were wonderful. I could understand the way a mother is able to love her children. I learned to love and care the whole family and I miss them. Also, I could learn about their culture, which was one of my goals. Nowadays, we do face time.

In agreement with them, I have planned to visit them next July; I am excited to see how the girls have grown up and know.



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