My name is Isa and i would love to share my Aupair Story. I started as an Aupair a year ago. I had always wanted to travel to different places, meet new people and improve my English in an English speaking country. To become an Aupair seemed to me like the perfect opportunity to do all these things and combine it with the wonderful and interesting job of taking care of children.

I applied and and soon i was receiving requests from different families all over the US. After lots of emails and a few talks on Skype with a family in Colorado,I felt convinced that they would be the perfect family for me and i’m glad they felt the same way.- so we matched. After that everything went really quickly. Suddenly i was standing with all my things at the airport saying goodbye to my family and friends. At this point many questions came into my mind: “What if everything will be different than i thought? What if i get homesick?” However, as soon as i arrived almost everything was forgotten and i was ready to start this new adventure.

Before i finally got to know my host family in person, i had one week of training in Florida. During this week i met girls from all over the world and with some of them i became really good friends. We all had an incredible time and are still in touch. Soon the day came where i was supposed to fly to my host family and i was really excited and a little nervous. But everything went well and from the first moment i arrived in my host family, i knew i had found the right place to be. From day one they treated me like i am a part of the family and it felt really nice to be “adopted” into their family.
My host family has two adorable kids. At the time i got here they were three and six years old. And now they have grown to be little sisters to me.

I can’t tell you in just a couple of sentences what all happen in this one year but i definitely can say that being an Aupair has truly been the best decision and enjoyable experience of my life.

I traveled to so many different places, found new friends from different countries and found a second home with a second family. The experiences i got here are priceless. I’ve definitely gained a lot of childcare experience, which will held me a lot with my own kids later. I personally have grown, and it helped me to become confident and to feel responsible for others.

Before i became an Aupair i worked for three years and i wasn’t sure how to continue. This year gave me time to think about it. I got the chance to take more classes and to improve my English. I’m grateful to stay for another year. The second of my adventure is about to start and i’m excited to see what this year brings.



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