Agustina La Rosa, Argentina

I flew to the states in September 2017. I thought it was going to be difficult to make friends, but it really wasn’t! Au pairs, arrive to a foreign country searching for new life experiences and making friends is one of them.

I met my first group of friends in Seattle and from the surrounding area. I took it easy at first and only talked with girls that spoke the same language as me. But after a couple months I became more comfortable with everything and decided to challenge myself. I gathered up my courage even though I was very nervous and went out to make friends with people who didn’t speak the same language as me. I ended up finding out the people I was meeting were just as nervous as me! This made me feel more comfortable because I realized there was nothing to worry about. Talking to each other was like a competition of who could make the least amount of mistakes and who was able to express their self-better. It turned into funny game which made us all laugh.
Who will you talk with, when everyone you know is far away? I will talk with my friends because they are the best medicine for when you are homesick, need advice, and anything else you can imagine!
Besides the typical activities au pairs do like, go grab a coffee, go to the mall, explore the city, I did so many other amazing things that I will never forget. Americans have so many different habits that we couldn’t miss. So here some of my best moments in the states!

Last but not least, during my extension year I met the love of my life. At the beginning, it was the typical boring story of going back and forth figuring out “and now what?”. But after a while it turned into to an amazing love experience.

I couldn’t imagine that it was waiting for me, and here I am with my heart split in pieces in different parts of the world! But we are going through the visa process now and will be married soon!

So, here is my advice: If you get the opportunity, go explore the world! You won’t regret¬¬ it! You never know what you may find!



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