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Hello Expert AuPair,

My name is Omega and I’m from the Philippines. I first got in the United States last September 2017. First of all, I wanted to say thank you for helping me find the best host family ever. They always remind and encourage me to not stop reaching my goal. They are the best and I couldn’t ask for more. There are so many things I wanna share with you. At first, I thought living away from your own country was hard but I was wrong. My host family helped me a lot to overcome homesickness by treating me like I’m part of their family. I always thank God for sending me to the most loving family. I spent my first Thanksgiving in Connecticut. That was my first time going there, it was beautiful. We spent it with my host mom’s family, they’re sweet. After Thanksgiving, we drove all the way to Rhode Island to see those beautiful mansions out there. It was amazing! Those mansions were gorgeous! 2017 was an awesome year! I was able to visit different places like Washington, DC, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and was finally able to go see the the famous Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge in NY! So cool!! And of course to see snow! I ended the year 2017 by attending the New Year’s eve ball drop in NY! It was a big deal because I grew up watching the live telecast of it on tv and I was like, I wanna go there one day. Yay, dreams do come true!! Year 2018 came and it was phenomenal! My host family took me with them to Sugarloaf Mountain to see their friends. It was a beautiful place, that’s where I first learned how to ski. I will never forget that. That was memorable. My host family got me an instructor to teach my how to do it, and I loved it! It was an amazing experience! Same year when I tried watching a live Mets baseball game. I only watched it on tv with my host kids before and to watch it, unbelievable! Not only that, they also took me to watch golf for the first time. First travel by plane with my host family was in year 2018 as well. They took me in Illinois where mu host dad’s parents live. All I can say is, it is a beautiful place. I enjoyed every single of it. I went to famous places there, so much fun! We watched baseball, golf, and even an Imagine Dragon live concert! So neat! Im so lucky, right? After Chicago, we went to Masachusetts, then to Maine. OMG! It was stunning! The island, beaches, mountains, and food (lobster!)!! You name it, that place is extraordinary! I enjoyed hiking, swimming, and having delicious food there. November 2018, my host family took me to NYC to watch hockey! That was exciting! Had so much fun with them. We spent our 2018 Christmas and New Year in Naples, Florida. It was fantastic! I really enjoyed the beach, when we went fishing, and shopping. And while we were in Florida, I decided to go drive all the way from Naples to Disney World in Orlando. It was a tiring trip but it was all worth it. It was magical! Another dream come true! 2018 is indeed a remarkable year!!! 2019 came and to be honest, I was having a mixed emotions because I knew it will be my last year with my host family. I enjoyed every single time with them. 2019 was a terrific year for me as well. January 2019, my first time trying skating. Kinda scary but funny because my instructors were my host kids. They were so patient teaching me. Last Easter, my host family took me with them to New Mexico. I feel so blessed. I’ve never been there and it is now one of the best places I’ve ever seen. Absolutely amazed with its breath-taking landscapes, delicious food, and sweet people. Eveyone I met there was nice. Same year, we travelled back to Illinois and Maine. We also went to Wisconsin. Such a memorable trip, year, and experience!

Thank you Expert Aupair for such a meaningful experience! That was the best two years of my life! I wanna share some pictures with you if you want. 😸



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