Samantha, Mexico

Being an aupair it’s great but also it’s a rollercoaster of feeling inside you!

Sometimes you are mad, bored, happy, tired, disappointed and the best feelings is when you know after you’ll be off you can run and see your friends, talk about how was our day! And our problems , give us advices or just support and a big hug! Also discover this wonderful country, go on adventures, have a fun weekend with trips, hikes or party’s! Share our culture, our language and food 🤤 this friends that you make in this experience as an aupair are you sisters for life! And feel sooooo good to know that you can visit another country and you have someone special there! Definitely the biggest and wonderful thing to be an aupair is all those friends that you make!

I’m so grateful bc I have the best host parents and we are also a friends! My host kids are my little tiny best friends too! And of course my squad for weekends my girls from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain , And all many country’s!

Thank you expert aupair for this 2 amazing years, full of love, fun and memories! ♥️



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