Step 1: Complete your au pair profile by clicking here.

Step 2: Once we have received your completed profile and verified that you qualify for our au pair program, we will contact you via email to schedule an English interview over Skype. Don’t have Skype access? We are happy to interview over WhatsApp or FaceTime.

Step 3: Complete our psychometric test.

Step 4: Begin interviewing with host families. Once your profile is active, host families will contact you directly using the email address in your application. Please make sure to check your email often, and monitor your SPAM folder so you don’t miss out on a potential match.

Step 5: Submit additional paperwork as a part of your application. We will let you know what kind of paperwork we need from you.

Step 6: Match with a host family in the United States! You will choose which family you want to work with.

Step 7: After you have a confirmed match, you will sign an Employment Contract that your host family completes with you.

Step 8: Attend your visa interview and complete the required childcare training courses.

Step 9: Travel to the United States!