As part of the application process for a second extension, host families are required to write a letter of support. Below is a template letter, but you are welcome to submit your own:



Dear Ms. McCormick,



I would like to request that my au pair, [AU PAIR NAME], be allowed to apply for an exceptional six month extension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


[AU PAIR NAME] has a strong case to apply for an exceptional extension, because (SELECT AS APPROPRIATE):


[ ] Flights to my au pair’s home country of ______________________ have been cancelled, and are not available at present.


[ ] My au pair has not had the cultural interaction he/she was expecting because of closures during the pandemic and wishes to experience her cultural exchange in full.


[ ] My au pair is concerned for the safety of her family or has conditions that make her at risk from COVID-19, and so is concerned about travelling by air at present.


[ ] In addition, my family includes a first responder to the COVID-19 criss, and so we are in great need of continuous and reliable child care.


Please note that no Americans will be displaced by our decision to continue to host our au pair.