Since your personality is innate and comes with you at birth, answer each possible question from your earliest recollection.

Now it’s time to discover your own personality type–your own “color”. Perhaps you will learn things about yourself that you were not aware of, or find out why you have certain tendencies or reactions you have never been able to understand. In time, you will probably be able to identify the colors of some other people as well. This well help you to understand them better and pave the way to more meaningful relationships.

It’s unlikely that your color will prove to be a “pure” one-100 percent Red or Blue or White or Yellow. Nature isn’t that simple. Instead, even those individuals with a strong affinity for one particular color will find it tinged with traces of others. When your test results reflect high scores in more than one personality area–that is, when two colors are almost equal in strength–you may at first find it difficult to identify the stronger one. Don’t worry. As you read further, the motives and characteristics of each personality type will become clear and you should have little trouble determining your primary personality color.

As you seek your true identity you may begin to see yourself differently–and more accurately. You will become aware of your many strengths. Though some of your negative suspicions about yourself may also be verified, you will be comforted in knowing that you are not alone, we all have a balance of strengths and weaknesses in our personality makeup. Don’t be discouraged by any weaknesses you have.

In taking the Hartman Personality Profile, be as honest as you can. There’s really no point in deceiving yourself about who you really are. Dishonesty will only limit your knowledge of yourself and confuse your relationships with others.

The Hartman Personality Profile

Directions: Select one word or phrase that best describes what you are like most of the time. Choose only one response from each group. After you’ve finished, your answers will be totaled.

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Now let’s see if you respond the same way to the following situations as you did to groups of descriptive words, Again, pick only one answer for each question.

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