Efficiency. The matching process is important, and every family will take their own time to find the right au pair. We don’t want to hurry you while you match, but once you make your decision we send your au pair’s visa forms by DHL as soon as possible to expedite the process. Personal touch. We know you by name when you call, and we are committed to providing you with personalized service throughout your experience. Our matching specialist will work one on one with you to go over your needs and expectations, helping you to find the best au pair for your family. Affordable Program Fee. At Expert AuPair, we do our best to keep our prices low, while continuing to provide a personalized experience. Not only is our initial program fee much less than many other au pair agencies, but families save thousands of dollars with our extension pricing! A long history of successful au pair placement. In May 2016, we celebrated our tenth anniversary and are looking forward to another thousand satisfied customers!