2023 Agency Fee: $8,400*

Due upon your au pair's successful visa interview

Our pricing is simple and we are committed to a policy of no hidden fees. With Expert AuPair, you will never pay an application or registration fee.

Registration fee: $0

Pay no fee to register as a host family with us. Registration is quick and easy.

Hawaii and USVI Surcharge: $300

For families living here. Due upon your au pair’s successful visa interview.

Match fee: $0

We do not charge a fee to match with your au pair. Begin searching for free.

Weekly Stipend: $195.75**

Paid directly to your au pair. $195.75 is the minimum weekly stipend for Regular Program participants.

Domestic Transfer Fee: $0

Pay no domestic transfer fee, a significant savings over other au pair agencies.

Educational Stipend: $500***

Paid directly to accredited post-secondary school or reimbursed to your au pair. Please also consider transportation costs.

*Due to an increase in visa denials, families hoping to host an au pair from the Philippines or Thailand are required to provide a non-refundable deposit of 10% of their agency fees upon matching. Payment of the remaining agency fee is due upon visa approval.
**$195.75 is the minimum weekly stipend for Regular Program participants. You may pay your au pair more than this amount but under no circumstance can your au pair receive a stipend of less than $195.75 per week. $146.81 is the minimum weekly stipend for EduCare Program participants. The weekly stipends are directly connected to the federal minimum wage. The au pair stipend is based on a US Department of Labor’s formula that includes credit for the room and board that host families provide for their au pairs. The room and board credit currently is 40% of an au pair’s credited
***The educational stipend for Regular Program participants is up to $500. The educational stipend for EduCare Program participants is up to $1,000. You are also responsible for covering reasonable transportation costs for your au pair’s class attendance.

What is included?

The program fee includes:

Prior to your au pair’s arrival, Expert AuPair collects a number documents, including:

  • References (2 Personal and 1 Employer)
  • A criminal background check
  • Psychometric test
  • Proof of secondary school completion
  • Physician’s report, including medical history and vaccination records
  • English interview, conducted over Skype with an Au Pair Advisor
  • In-person interview, conducted by one of our Overseas Representatives

We issue the forms your au pair needs to attend her visa interview and provide her with detailed instructions to guide her through the process of scheduling and attending her visa interview.

We take care of all the flight booking for your au pair! Her inbound international flight to your family will be booked after we have received your payment and your au pair has successfully completed her required training hours. After the successful completion of your au pair’s program, we will work with her to arrange her return flight home.

Prior to her arrival, your au pair will be required to successfully complete over 32 hours of child safety and development training, including CPR. The required training is designed to help au pairs transition into the role of a full- time childcare provider in the United States.

We purchase medical insurance with $25 deductible for your au pair throughout the duration of her program. Covered expenses on the plan are 100% paid by the insurance company.

Throughout the year, you will be in contact with a Local Representative of Expert AuPair who lives within a one hour drive of your home. The Local Representative will be there to support both you and your au pair, and act as your first point of contact if there is ever an issue. You will first meet your Local Representative before your au pair’s arrival when she comes to perform the initial home visit to see the private room you plan to provide to your au pair! Within the first two weeks of your au pair’s arrival, your Local Representative will also perform an in-home orientation with your family and au pair to help open up communication and ensure that everyone has the same understanding of the household rules and expectations. Your Local Representative will also check-in every month and help introduce your au pair to the area. If you or your au pair have any questions regarding the local area, classes, or issues specific to your state, your Local Representative is the best person to call.

As a part of our host family application process, you must complete a background screening to help us verify your eligibility to participate in Expert AuPair’s au pair program. The process for host families to complete our background screening is secure and paid for in full by Expert AuPair, so there is no cost for you to complete it. The report used by our organization is limited to the scope of the following searches: Social Security Number Verification/Address History, Government Sanctions, Nationwide Sex Offender Registry, Multi-State Criminal Search, Single County Searches. While you will be required to input your Social Security Number for verification purposes, this information will not be shared with or stored by Expert AuPair.