Waking up with snow during winter was a great surprise to me, growing up in Thailand. Watching the snow through the window made one of my dreams come true. I always wanted to learn a practice a second language, and the au pair program was the perfect opportunity to do both. When I arrived in Florida for the Au pair class, I hardly spoke any English, but constant contact with the language through the day to day, helped me to learn it fast. When you have the opportunity of leaving with a family in a different country, you can truly experience a different culture. I ate a lot of different foods such as apple pie, turkey legs, green bean casserole, empanadas, arepas. I also experienced different holidays, such as the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

My host family was an exciting combination, my host Mom was original from Colombia, and my host Dad was from Oklahoma. The little ones in the family were 2 and 3 years old by the time I arrived at the family home in Bismarck, ND. At this age, you experience a lot of love and attachment to the kids. I still miss their little faces in the morning, ready to play and spend the day with me. One of my favorite things about the Au pair program. It allows you to connect with your childhood. You are free to slide in the snow, run at the playground, or sing a loud song with the kids in the car. My host kids were interested in learning about Thailand, so I taught them the Thai alphabet and showed them a lot of pictures and videos about my culture. The family established “Thai Friday.” During Thai Friday, we ate Thai food, and I share my experiences in Thailand. During my two years as an au pair, I was lucky to find a family that shares my passion for traveling and knowing different places.

I had the opportunity of traveling around eleven different states, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New Mexico. And I learned English and a little bit of Spanish. During my first year, I took classes at Bismarck State College. I made a couple of friends and learned deeply about the Culture in North Dakota. During my second year, I decided to take the classes at the au pair center in Salt City, UT, where I was able to connect and share my experience with different au pairs from around the country. I went back to Thailand a year and a half ago. I keep in touch with my host family through facetime. I hope I can come back to the United States and visit them soon. After two years in the United States, I went back to Thailand, fluent in English. The fluency in the language has open significant professional opportunities for me. I am currently working at a bigger hospital that I did before I left Thailand and planning to join the international health team.

Finally, I would like to say “thank you” to EXPERT AUPAIR to fullfil my dreams. Thank you for helping me before I become an aupair, when I being an aupair, and helped me to return to Thailand happily.