“My story as an Au pair.

I knew about the Au pair program when I was in college. I felt it was a good opportunity to improve my English, learn about the U.S and live a new experience. It has been better than I expected. Not everything is perfect during your Au pair year, but almost everything is.

At the beginning it was difficult, but everything is worth it.

To be an Au pair has been a wonderful experience with amazing people.

I have had wonderful host families, I do not know how to explain how nice they have been to me. They always include me in all the family activities as a family member, we went to vacation together, spent holidays together. It is very special to feel how special you are for them though you are not a family member. The families really appreciate our job. My host families frequently thank me for the work I do.

I am living in Virginia (40 minutes from Washington D.C). I love the area where I am living. There are many Au pairs here. I am making a lot of friends and that is so cool because they understand my situation here, living far away from my family. Although it has not been hard, because with my host families. I feel like I am at home . My friends and I always do many activities together and plan trips around the U.S.

I have been taking English classes since I arrived.I am improving my English so well. I am practicing my English with the kids and they always help me with my pronunciation.

This experience has been very helpful in my life because I am very independent now. I am working everyday to make my goals true. I feel so lucky to be able to do it.

This year I made some of my dreams come true, like going to know Universal parks and New Orleans. That I achieved these.I am so happy to have made my Au pair process with Expert Au pair because, thanks to them I met my host families which have been incredible with me.

I will never forget all the moments that I have lived here with my host families and friends. I feel really grateful to my host families, I really love them. They are so special to me.

I was so lucky to have found my incredible first family in my first interview and my second incredible family thanks to them.

Expert Au pair always help us as Au pairs with our questions and everything. When I went through the process I remember they always answer my questions quickly. The LCC always is in touch with us asking us how we are. I recommend Expert Au pair to do your process because my experience has been the best.I just can say if you have the opportunity to live this experience, try it!

The best part of life is to live a new experience, in another country, with new friends and another culture.”

Lifeth Gonzalez , Mexico.