Hestinaroida, Indonesia

Hi, my name is Hestinaroida Berutu. I’m 26 years old from Indonesia. I’ve always liked the USA. The USA is a beautiful country. It is not possible not to fall in love. I think leaving my home to go to the USA and live here as an Au pair is the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only have I really grown as a person, becoming more self independent and open, but also it’s amazing because I get to know a different culture, improve my English, make new friends and most importantly create a special bond with my host family. Clearly, I love my host family ( I’m pretty sure they love me as well ). I’m so lucky to get the best host family ever! They are absolutely amazing people! Treated me as a part of the family. I have been an Au pair for a little over 4 months. One of my main concern when I came as an Au pair “ how would I meet new people?” I managed to find friends. And after a month in the USA, I’ve grown several new relationship with expats and local alike. I meet new people through my host family’s acquaintances. And also on Facebook I searched for groups where I can find people in my area going through the same experience and willing to make friends. I am a member of Facebook group “Los Angeles Au Pairs”. I found many aupairs in my area! There’s also a lovely website called “ Happen” where we can find thousands of established groups for specific interests. That could be any number of things. For example, there are groups of people who are new to the city and looking to mingle with friendly faces. Then there are groups for language exchanges (these are my favorite!), and more specific groups for those interested in hobbies such as photography, painting, sightseeing, wine, dance – everything! Seriously, I found the best friend from this website. His name is Kevin. He is a native, he was born in Indonesia but he doesn’t speak Indonesian. So, we’re going to language exchanges and started making friend. Start the practice in one language and then switch to the other. We go out for a coffee, have fun, and he helps me discover new cities and towns and he also talks to me a lot about America. I had a great valentine’s day with him. We went bowling and movie! So, I have a wonderful time exploring the city and trying local dishes with someone I met up with – awesome! I’m truly blessed to have people like him in my life who care for me a lot. I met someone who became my closest friend while living in the USA as an Au pair with Expert Aupair.

We never took picture together. I took a picture of him and then we switch, and here I attach some of them. Thanks for reading!



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