Annisa, Indonesia

Tampa,FL & Dayton, NJ: It’s call Friendship!
“when a stranger become your best friend”

I never thought I will came to US for aupair program. Why? This is the reason , first become aupair is not familiar in my country. Second it’s kind of expensive for us after convert the kurs. Well, I know your feel.

I have dream to came United States for join hiking community, that’s the reason I join aupair program. I know that’s sound like hmm yeah but it’s my reason. Now I am join Women Who Hike, that women community who like hike.

On the last semester at college I start get ready my application and send it to Expert Aupair Agency. I find host family quite longer than usual, at that time I don’t have experience with the kids yet. So my plan change little bit, I went to Australia for aupair experience during my process to find family in US.

On June, 2018 I got host family who live in Dayton, NJ. This is my aupair life and story begin. Here we go….

I was remember I arrived in Tampa, Florida on 15 July 2018. I started my training class for four days of course i met my new friends, they are aupair from different country. We spent our time walking around, swimming, went to beach after the class. It’s so fun! During my training I try to find some friend in the aupair facebook group who live in Dayton. That’s right, I will live in Dayton. Somewhere.. suburb NJ. Let’s you guess how many aupair in Dayton? Yups, there are just one aupair, she live 6 minutes drive from my host family. Don’t worry I was happy that time, still I am. She is from Crech Republic. That’s nice experience to me.

In the first week she show me around, we bought ice cream and went to mall. No,no, not for shopping we are broke. Long story short, we realize that we have same hobby. We like hiking, camping and traveling. During my first year I did road trip, bus and train trip with her. I will not forget that moment. Also when her mother came here to visit her, they invite me to join their trip to Philadelphia.
Calling for hiker or outdoor enthusiast!! I have good place to share for hiking around New Jersey. The best place and good view ever in New Jersey is Mt. Tammany (Delaware water gap). Located in Warren County is about 2 hours from Central Jersey or New York City. Fyi, now Mt. Tammany close due to fire. It was break our hearth, because we love that place so much.

We did a lot of thing together since we don’t have any aupair friend in Dayton. I was thinking aupair program had impact to me. Im glag be part of the aupair program in the US. This program is awesome, I learn many things from host family, friend and people in the US. I still keep in touch with my friends in the training class, we have chat group. Last year we celebrate New Year Eve in New York City. I can’t wait to see them soon.

Oh wait, Do i need to introduce myself? Hold on, Hold on…



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