Judith, Germany

Being au pairs unites us in a very special way. Many of us find great friends throughout our year(s) in the United States and some of those friendships will last a lifetime.

My best friend in 2013/2014 certainly was Kerry. We would save up as much as possible to see another show on Broadway and we traveled to Disney World in February, leaving freezing New York behind and enjoying a bit of Florida sun in a very (!) crappy but affordable hotel.
For New Year’s 2017/2018 we met up again in Tokyo, half way between Germany and Australia (kind of), to visit Disney Land and enjoy sushi. It´s those friendships that enriches your life: being thousands of miles apart but still part of each other’s lives. We are planning on taking another trip together next year.

Sometimes you find a great friend when you don´t expect it. It will be a friendship that is not any less meaningful through the thousands of miles between. Rather you know that there is a true best friend on the other side of this planet cheering you on no matter what; just a text away.



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